DSC_0267Whether it’s lunch time on a weekday, after work for happy hour, dinner on family night or on Sundays for brunch, Austin’s American Grill always delivers fresh local flavors in our made-from-scratch, home-style dishes.

Opened in 1997, Steve Taylor and Scott McCarthy knew they were on the verge of something great… a dining experience like none other in Northern Colorado. They quickly became known for their open rotisseries, bustling locations, and as a casual meeting spot for friends. Word spread and an Old Town anchor was formed. Today, Austin’s red umbrellas – located at their corner patio on Mountain and College – are an iconic symbol of great food and good DSC_0005times in Fort Collins. They beckon the traveler looking for a taste of local flavor. They call to the local craving our rotisserie roasted meats and signature cornbread. And, they scream to those passing by to join the mingling crowd.

Be part of the eclectic crowd that meets at Austin’s every day, night and weekend. We’ve got your favorite American classics with a twist!